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We further aimed to model the sexual network using a weighted configuration model in order to estimate the propensity for HIV transmission among MSM in Vietnam.We performed a cross-sectional online survey between 26 March and 22 April 2012, applying online respondent driven sampling (web RDS).We aimed to analyse detailed sexual behaviour data among MSM in Vietnam and to model HIV transmission using improved assumptions on sexual network structure.

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First, of MSM is very difficult to attain due to lack of a sampling frames and high levels of stigma.11 Second, although HIV transmission probabilities per anal sex act are highly heterogeneous,12 the frequency of unprotected anal sex (UAS) per sexual partner is likely to have a large impact on the basic reproductive number and total population-level transmission of HIV.13 .4 The few studies reporting data on anal sex frequency are based on convenience samples, do not report data on the proportion of acts that are unprotected or study MSM groups with low or uncertain representativeness.12 14–16 We found no published information on the correlation between partner numbers and UAS frequency among MSM, which is crucial knowledge for correctly targeted prevention measures.

Third, valid information on the is difficult to collect due to the considerable practical and ethical difficulties of tracing sexual connections from person to person in a population.

The study was cross-sectional, population-based and performed in 2012, using online respondent-driven sampling.

The Internet-based survey instrument was completed by 982 participants, of which 857 were eligible.

Respondent-driven sampling (RDS) is a chain-referral sampling method, which has important advantages for improving 21 We have in earlier work described the successful development and implementation of an online RDS (web RDS) system for sampling of MSM in Vietnam.22 The web RDS draws on the fact that MSM increasingly communicate online and allows respondents to participate anonymously and with little effort, while covering a large and diverse geographical area.