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They were all bought out by Dennis in the years that followed.

By 1983 Dennis owned all the shares, but there was then a big change when Ron sold half the shareholding to TAG and its boss Mansour Ojjeh, who had funded the celebrated TAG-funded, Porsche-built turbo engines.

“Mc Laren Technology Group is now in the process of seeking a new Chief Executive Officer.

Until such an appointment has been made, the company will be run on an interim basis by an Executive Committee comprising the Group’s majority shareholders, in close collaboration with the Board of Directors and the senior management team, all of whom remain utterly committed to the company, its partners, its employees and its fans, and share a passionate determination to build on our many strengths towards future prosperity.” As a matter of reference, the bizarre difference between the two totals of World Championships in the above statements is explained by the fact that three of the 20 titles won by Mc Laren happened before Dennis took control (the Drivers’ titles in 19 and the Constructors’ title in 1974).

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