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It doesn’t mean someone is intrinsically better or worse, and it doesn’t indicate ally-hood or opponent-hood. Allistic is a term that members of the autistic community came up with.

As some might note, the relative constructions of “autistic” and “allistic” are not dissimilar to the relationship between the words “transgender” and “cisgender.” Even if the alternative was developed to suit the needs of politically charged parody, allistic is linguistically a more accurate term than some of the alternatives.

is often used interchangeable with allistic, but I would argue that it isn’t actually interchangeable.

Many others have echoed and expanded upon Jim’s thoughts since then.

Lydia over at Autistic Hoya has written a number of posts on identity first language vs person first, including “The Significance of Semantics: Person-First Language: Why It Matters” which ends with a list of links to other writers on the issue.

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