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Eventually, the more diverse (and in my mind accurate) usage meant that a more accurate term for non-autistic was needed. ) can have two meanings depending on what it is talking about.

Autisticness is, for me and many others, an essential part of what makes me, me. There are many brilliant writers who have addressed Autistic vs person first language in more depth.

Jim Sinclair, one of the Autistic community’s elders, wrote a piece in 1999 on the issue which you can read on Cafe Mom.

It doesn’t mean someone is intrinsically better or worse, and it doesn’t indicate ally-hood or opponent-hood. Allistic is a term that members of the autistic community came up with.

While the earliest mention I can find (Zefram,, 2003) is constructed to work in a parody, the word construction makes a lot of sense.

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