Online sexchating website - Dating an ex pimp

It is about a lonely guy who works at a Subway style sandwich shop that never seems to have any customers despite a 5 strong staff, he goes on the net to find "love", and as the guy who runs the website is his cousin he spends the remainder of the film trying to hook up with... It is a horribly bland premise made worse when I realised that the website running cousin was Master P, he made this dross and it is obviously a hopelessly inept vanity project.

The acting is horrible, I didn't laugh once, Master P makes all the women in the film fawn over him and pretend they are hot for him, despite him being a slow witted, slurring, ugly gimp.

In reality, Mc Allister prostituted Ms Browne all around the country to earn himself up to £5,000-a-week which he claimed was going to the business.

She was mentally and physically abused and forced to feed other girl heroin as they toured the country.'He [Stephen] befriended me at first claiming I would be a self-made millionaire in the space of twelve-months,' she said.'But all he did was have us prostituting ourselves around the country, ensuring he got his target of between two to five-thousand-pounds-a-week.'It started with mental grooming first to build trust and he also fed the cocaine habit I had picked up and then it changed to mental and physical abuse.'He would say things like if you want to be my woman and get the world, you must do what I say.

This movie sucks, this is a public service announcement.