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In 1998 Minitel was more popular in France than the Internet, with over 14 million users.

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Aaron Yarmuth, LEO's executive editor, responded with a note to readers early Friday afternoon, assuring them that the coffee shop's move was made before the Valentine's Day issue, which features four recently married same-sex couples — one seen kissing lovingly on the cover.

Yarmuth said that LEO has "been thrown out of plenty of establishments before, and we will undoubtedly be tossed out again.

Heusted, who said he spoke with Yarmuth on Friday afternoon, appreciated that LEO clarified the timeline of events in its comment.

But he couldn't predict if, or when, the chain might reverse course. I don't think we could decide anytime soon" to bring it back.

(but) the response has been pretty polarizing." Just one person hung up on him.