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The Lions beat the Giants, who appear to be an unmitigated mess right now.It doesn’t mean anything for how the last 14 games will go, and it’s particularly precarious when the Broncos and Raiders are also unbeaten, each with an impressive win — the Broncos blowing out the Cowboys, the Raiders winning at Tennessee. The Chiefs won 12 games last year, have won 24 of their last 28 regular season games, and the win at New England could come in handy at the end of the year when we’re calculating who gets home playoff games.The Raiders just beat the Jets at home, which is the NFL’s version of a homecoming game.

If you’re new over there, thank you, and if you’re not over there yet, I humbly ask that you change that. As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your help. The words in the following paragraph are so premature and irrelevant that I would only include them in a silly exercise like this, so with that thrilling disclaimer out of the way: Of the eight 2-0 teams after two weeks, the Chiefs have the most impressive pair of wins. That means nothing, or, at most, it means a lukewarm-mostly-empty-diet-Coke-with-backwash more than nothing. The Chiefs beat everyone’s preseason Super Bowl pick on the road, and then a rising and tough playoff contender at home.

The Broncos have won two home games, including one against the Chargers.

The Chiefs were lucky to have a three-point lead at halftime against the Eagles, and not just because their offensive line was being consistently bossed by the Eagles’ front. Not enough pressure defensively, and not enough space offensively. The entire first half, they only had two players longer than that.

A loss on Sunday would’ve washed so much of what the Chiefs built the week before at New England. Then, on the very next snap, the Chiefs ran Tyreek Hill in motion from right to left, then back from left to right, Smith calling for the snap just in time to flip the ball to Hill with a running start around the edge.

Andy Reid has brought a steadiness, and reliability to the Chiefs, and anyone old enough to read this is old enough to appreciate that.