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1.13 is really more of an upgrade to the base game engine than a total conversion.

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JA2 Patch Gold 1.12 US: Pobierz Plik: Jest to patch przeznaczony dla amerykańskiej wersji gry i aktualizujący ją do wersji Gold 1.12. File Info: Jagged Alliance 2 Gold 1.12 Description: Jagged Alliance 2 Gold 1.12 This patch brings numerous enhancements to the game.

Please see the file or click on more information for all the details.

Go to the character selection screen in the Sonic Simulator and press Z or C (L and R for Game Cube controller) to change color to blue, red, pink, black or green.

At the title screen use the control stick to turn the camera to look at Sonic and the aliens from different angles.

Remamber to convert your decimal value to hexadecimal first. If you need to enter values with four Bytes, you have to split it into two 2 Byte codes.