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It is interesting to note that with the Statuto by Giangaleazzo Visconti, approved in 1393, the races became three.The horse race (with a velvet cloth for the winner, and the pork's leg to the last one) and two running events, the first one for men (red cloth to the winner, and rooster to the loser), and the other running event open to women.The Albertino codex of laws was then recompiled again by Cangrande I in 1328, but nothing changed in the tructure of the celebrations: two races to be held on the first Sunday of Lent.

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Il disegno in questione si deve fare portatore di elementi salienti del Palio e della storia medievale noalese.

In questa edizione l’Associazione Palio ha voluto lasciare spazio alla creatività dei più giovani, dedicando il concorso a tutti, ragazzi e ragazzi dai 14 anni in su, uomini e donne noalesi ma anche di altre città, desiderosi di mettersi in gioco e testare le loro capacità artistiche.

The word "campagna" is still found today in toponyms of the province of Verona such as Madonna di Campagna, Sommacampagna, Mezzacampagna, and Campagnola.

The course was then heading back to Verona, going under the Arco dei Gavi (Gavi's arch), and continuing along Corso Vecchio (the old main street) to reach the Palazzo della torre a San Fermo (San Fermo tower's palace).

With regards to Verona, we can also speak of a palio, for the city held its own events for the townspeople to watch: a palio with horses and one with runners.