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I know it's strange, but I'm really glad that we bumped into each other, Gus." "I am too, Aaron." The two men sat in silence for what seemed like hours, their arms around one another not saying a word.

"You're still down three, furry fisherman, you better get to it," Aaron said, and kissed Gus' beard before standing up to stoke the campfire.

Aaron didn't strike him as a straight man just out for some passion and desire in the woods.

His curiosity also had him wondering about the marks on Aarons sexy torso, and his missing pinky toe.

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Gus finally had his fly rod set up the way he wanted and made is his way down to the stream.

"And I do feel a tremendous amount of guilt being out here when I talk about him. There are some days I think it would have been better if he would have.