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The hundreds of spots that covered the fishes back looked like frog eggs draped around it, and its golden brown belly shimmered in the morning sunlight. Gus was pleased that he'd embraced naked fishing so effortlessly, and was even more pleased that he'd have the pleasure of seeing Aaron naked, all weekend long. "Hmmmm," Gus wondered allowed, "I'll have to think about it, what do you want if you out fish me?

" Aaron's smile hit both of his ears it was so wide, "Not that I've been thinking about it, but, I'd like to start by taking you over to the tailgate of my truck, and bending you over so I can have easy access for the exploration of your fine furry rump.

I know it's strange, but I'm really glad that we bumped into each other, Gus." "I am too, Aaron." The two men sat in silence for what seemed like hours, their arms around one another not saying a word.

"You're still down three, furry fisherman, you better get to it," Aaron said, and kissed Gus' beard before standing up to stoke the campfire.

Gus pulled in his slack and delicately set the hook, turning then to his reel to bring the brown to shore.