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Maybe his cuteness could melt any of his seniors' hearts or maybe he is a truly obedient talent and understands the rules. If I were to have a brother like him, I would be bias too anyway.

In the reports Nino and Noriko were seen going out about 11 pm.

Ishihara’s character loves chocolate but when given homemade chocolates on Valentine’s day, she immediately dumps him (Jun) saying she didn’t know they were dating.

Not one to sit idly by Jun’s character goes to Paris to become a chocolatier in hopes of winning her love in the future.

” Masami's image has always been that cute girl with a chubby smile, I am not sure if the media are just looking too deep into the situation or not, or if Nino truly cheated on his girlfriend or that they just have other kinds of problems.

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    Tulsa finished 9-25 and 11-23 in his two seasons — the team’s best since relocating from Detroit in 2010.