Dating for the disabiled

He partly blames the majority of online dating sites for the dilemma disabled people face.

"Plus, if they are rejecting me because of my disability, they really aren't worth it." Just like unconscious bias comes into play when hiring an employee, it comes into play when dating.

No one explicitly says why you're not suitable for the job or a relationship, but we can tell our disability is a factor.

For him disability isn’t about personality at all, but just like race or sexuality, part of the context within which the personality develops.

He too tried Internet dating several times and the first time hid his disability until the time felt right, Dishonest I hear you say? The ones taken in soft lighting, black and white, or at the right angle to downgrade any lumps, bumps or wobbly bits that we are less proud of?

- the show where strangers meet and undress each other immediately, getting to know each other on a bed (it’s awkward but entertaining viewing) - promoting diverse dating and casts people with disability. Even though he fit her criteria, 30 minutes was enough for her to know she didn't want to see him again.