19 dating 16 legal - Dating for the disabiled

” People often think about how our disability will inconvenience them, rather than even considering whether a relationship will work.

I wish Johnny and Charlotte all the best for future relationships.

Prue Hawkins is a 33-year-old lawyer and has been unemployed since February.

Any more dishonest parhaps that posting up old photos, or photos taken before the spare tyre took residence, or the hair and head parted company? Tim suggests that many disabled online subscribers face the same dilemma. If I don’t (or if my disability isn’t visible), then when is the best time for me?

After a few unsettling experiences Tim decided to be straight from the start and believes now that’s the only way to go.

"When you date someone like you, you have a more relaxed conversation around your disability or difference." But there are still challenges.