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Father’s Day is almost here and with so much going on with the End of the Year activities, I wanted to make sure you didn’t forget about dad, because we all know it’s easier to do than we’d think!

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The company was later renamed 'The North Eastern Marine Engineering Company (1938) Limited', it would seem. 2012, a colour lithograph was offered for sale on e Bay by e Bay vendor 'oldcasion'. A lithograph of very great beauty - a plan and coloured diagram of a compound surface condensing engine constructed by 'The North Eastern Marine Engineering Company Ltd.' from the patent designs of Mr. Published, it is believed, folded, as a supplement to 'The Engineer' of Jun. The engines were for installation in steamships Singapore, Canton & Hong Kong, none of which ships were built at Sunderland. Per 1 (page in Swedish, that used to have 13 images), 2 (link 1 translated by Google), 3 (image, Pantokrator, best viewed in Photo Viewer), 4 (images galore, Pantokrator), 5 (18 images, Pantokrator, by Stefano Guarino), 6 (data & images, Pantokrator), 7 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). (Alvar) Sderland, of bo/Turku, Finland, & renamed Endymion. The vessel's captain, Captain Swanston (would seem to correctly mean August Konstantin Svahnstrm) had to be landed, due to illness, at Weymouth, & Karl L. Became Castle, I am advised (by Mori Flapan), before 1933. An article in 'Sea Breezes' (not sure which issue) would seem to have referred to Captain Duncan's death. Including a few articles re major storms that the vessel encountered at sea (1891 & 1904). One of their pages was a Word document re Inga, a page that survives as the first item at 1 & here also. long (62.36 metres) perpendicular to perpendicular, signal letters QMWS (apparently later JDNB). In the 1887/88 edition, the owner became 'Gwynedd Shipping Co. Heistein the manager & likely the owner also, though Miramar state T. Some of the crew made it to Caledonia in that Alexa boat, while others found a boat that had drifted ashore from another vessel (Vincennes, a barque) & used it in an attempt to make it to Noumea. They noted however that their decision was based upon the captain's evidence & that the 1st mate was not present at the Inquiry, to give his evidence.

It would be good to be able, someday, to show every page of the book within these pages. The company which was the result of the 1986 merger of Austin & Pickersgill Ltd. Names of vessels constructed by 'North East Shipbuilders Ltd.' As I find them. A passenger & vehicle ferry, initially double-ended, but later rebuilt as a conventional ferry. Many references at Trove to the ship being Russian (it would seem to have flown the Russian flag), & many references, incorrect I think, to the vessel being a barque. 23, 1898, the vessel, arriving from Sundervaal, (means Sundsvall, Sweden, I think), in the Baltic, left for Adelaide with a cargo of timber. The vessel went to Sydney, NSW, & then to Geelong, near Melbourne to take on board a cargo of wheat (left Mar. In 1900, the vessel was sold, (Miramar does not reference the sale), to Robert Emanuel Mattson, or maybe 'Mattson Rederi A/B', of Mariehamn, have also read Vrd, Finland, without change of vessel name. And left for the Channel with 23,594 bags of wheat. 24, 1911, (I think this is what links 1 says, the vessel rescued 8 members of the crew of Stawbridgen, a 4-masted schooner (not Miramar listed) & landed them at Bermuda. 1912, from Rio de Janeiro & left for Callao, Peru, from Newcastle, likely with coal. 1915, the vessel arrived at Port Adelaide with a cargo of Canadian deal (timber) ex Dalhousie, New Brunswick. In 1923, the vessel was rebuilt for use as a coal hulk in Sydney, NSW, & was still a hulk there in 1929. Per 1 (modest image), 2 (1882 arrival at Sydney, Australia), 3 (data 40% down), 4 (data re Krakatoa eruption), 5 (Empire Line), 6 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). long (81.4 metres) - perpendicular to perpendicular per Miramar), 3 sky-sails, signal letters RBGM. Duncan & Co., of London, (Empire Line), & registered at London. (John) Duncan was her Captain for an amazing number of years - from 1877 to 1907. There are a great many newspaper articles referring to the vessel at Trove, Australia, often carrying coal or wheat. Their used to be data re 'The Great Storm of 1901' & Inga at the website of 'Local History Initiative' - but that website is no more. The webmaster has a few editions of Lloyd's Registers available ex Google books, thru 1890/91 - see left. In late 1901, the vessel was en route from Port Wakefield, near Adelaide, South Australia, via Falmouth, to the Tyne, with a cargo of grain. Hudson gave them to the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, who retain them in their archives to this very day. (William) Woebling, hit hurricane conditions & was driven on to a reef at Surprise Island, in the Chesterfield Group (New Caledonia in the South Pacific, between Fiji & the E. The crew of ten took to the only usable boat & with difficulty effected a landing, while the vessel itself broke up. The mate returned, however, to the wreck to protect the owner's interests. The Court of Inquiry determined, only on the evidence provided, that the captain had exercised due care in the navigation of Alexa & had been misled by the incorrect reference on the charts as to the speed of the currents in the area. Per 1 (1881 ref.), 2 ('', 1909 collision & loss), 3 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access).

The webmaster has a few editions of Lloyd's Registers available ex Google books & '', thru 1876/77 - see left. The 1877/78 edition of Lloyd's Register is not available to the webmaster. I guess different people of similar if not identical name? 1994, to Melalohari Hellenic Tugboats, of Piraeus, Greece, & later that year to 'Aghios Spyridon Shipping Co. But that data clearly is incorrect, thanks to Richard Lewis. 3, 1906, the vessel was sold to Adrienne Merville, of Dunkirk, France, to be broken up (1906 data from an expired e Bay item, which data seems to make sense in view of Richard's 1905 data). the modest image at 3 is from an album by Captain R. Morgan, who was, I am advised, the Royal Marine Commandant of Ascension Island in 1905-1908. The vessel was built for 'English & Scandinavian Steamship Co.', of Newcastle. The webmaster has a few editions of 'Lloyd's Register' available to him ex Google books & '', - see left. Certainly, in the 1894/95 edition of Lloyd's Register, 'J.