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They are enammered with the fact that he is a DEA agent.

He forged my signature on mortagage documents, i took him to court where he admitted to signing my name and was found not guilty. Of course we still have over 0,000 in a second mortgage that he allowed the house to foreclose (he and his current wife were collecting rent on the property and decided to stop paying the mortgage, I didn't know a thing about it).

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I told him that he would not see his daughter until she was 18. I have court orders of money he was supposed to pay me, but when I took him back to court, the judge said, "these bills are too old for him to pay" They were 2 years old. I have a college account for our daughter in his name.

A court order was issued for him to put my name on the account and of course he has not and to get him to do it, I would have to file more court orders which the judges always seem to side with him.

I finally moved away, and had to give him my address (judges order) He has not spoken to our daughter in over 2 years.

The last time he saw her, she went to vsit him and he put her on a train without telling me or her what time the train was to arrive.

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