Sex cam germany random - Dating nigeria man woman

Recently, I was at a get together in Abuja for a group of African–Americans that had completed a project and were on their way back to the U. They were going on about how warm and hospitable the people were and the women among them (like true Americans!

) said they wouldn’t mind getting married to Nigerians and would like to be hooked up!

People go into inter racial marriages for different reasons and there will always be a cultural shock when two people with different backgrounds come into a relationship.

First, don’t try to change a Nigerian man to suit your standards, while it may seems that you’re winning the race it won’t take long for him to erupt, so it’s better for you to learn and try to come to a compromise with his ways, he will also learn to compromise with yours too.

Well, a crazy colleague of mine decide to take on the role of match-maker and started asking for their likes, preferences etc. That, I can tell you, put paid to her “Nigerian-husband” ambition.