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The House voted this fall to end the ban, but most congressional Democrats and the Obama administration resisted, calling it a giveaway to the oil business.

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Democrats successfully forced Republicans to include extensions of tax credits for wind and solar producers in exchange for lifting the crude oil export ban. The agreement delays three taxes that were included in the Affordable Care Act that have been the target of bipartisan disdain.

Democrats wanted to ensure that alternative fuels would not be marginalized by a flood of new U. The legislation would delay a tax for two years on medical device manufacturers and expensive employer-sponsored health plans known as the Cadillac Tax.

It also maintains a previous rider blocking funding for a program, known as “risk corridors,” meant to shield insurers from heavy losses during the transition to Obamacare.

That provision has come to prominence recently as Sen.

GOP leaders, meanwhile, said they were more focused on tightening the visa waiver program.