Seven deadly dating sins

We all want affection, sometimes you have to show that same level of affection to your partner to get it in return.Go and give them a hug, it’ll bring you closer together.

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A little jealousy can be healthy, if someone is flirting with your partner, you can feel a tiny bit jealous but if you are jealous of everyone and everything that is in their life – then you have a huge problem.

Jealousy is often linked to insecurity, if you’re feeling jealous, try and work out why and address the issue.

While these are great rules to have in your relationship, more importantly you need to know what not to do in a relationship.

Avoid these seven deadly sins: Resentment can build up easily in a relationship, it can start with tiny things; . The other way to deal with resentment is just to breathe and let it go, your partner isn’t perfect and neither are you. Jealously is the unwanted guest at a party, it can appear from nowhere and ruin everything without you noticing.

If you don’t make time for them though, you’ll drift apart.