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We talked about why Ashoke keep his accident a secret from Gogol for so long.

I thought he might tell when Gogol wanted to change his name in an attempt to explain why it was so important.

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Ashoke’s accident, Gogol meeting his first girlfriend, Ruth, and him finding out about Moushumi’s affair. I guess I would think that this has to do with travel and having a journey toward learning something or discovering something about yourself. he hated his name and wished it wasn’t his and toward the end, seems to wish he had kept it as it connected him to his father.

But that sounds like high school English teachers reading too far into a book. Even after he legally changed his name, the narrative still referred to him as Gogol.

To round out my week of ‘The Namesake,’ I’m ready to share our book club discussion of the novel.

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Gogol has picked the wrong people until the end of the book; nothing’s making him happy.