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32" blade etched with Crown, "VR", cannon, "VOLUNTEER / ENGINEERS" with corps badge, retailer "ALGAR / & WOOD / WARRINGTON".

Blade retains all original bright polish, etching like new/mint (has 2 tiny edge nicks that are so small they do not detract). Reduced to $700 1608) Indian Katar, 17th - 18th Century.

Reduced to $600 1493) Western Balkan Silver Mounted Flint Pistol c. 12 1/2" round barrel, .63 cal., silver band and chiseled relief panel at breech stamped with Muslim armourer's punchmark; another, larger punchmark on left side breech; a typical illegible attempt at a European barrelsmith's signature appears on top of barrel.

Well-made lock in fine working order with powerful springs, grooved frizzen face shows period wear, usual spurious European lock maker's markings.

Stock fitted at front with iron pivot slot for goats-foot type spanning lever; brass fore-end tip houses windage dial adjustable fore sight. Lock appears to be in working order, spring-loaded bowstring release hook snaps up when trigger is pulled. 30" blade etched on back "MANUFre ROYALE DE KLINGENTHAL Str 1828 S.