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Many Canadians are in for a nasty surprise after a trip abroad.

The bad news is most Canadian credit card companies add a 2.5%-3% foreign transaction fee to each purchase that cardholders make outside the country.

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It might not feel great to be pigeonholed into buying something you don’t want, even if it costs $0.50, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to save big bucks on your next vacation overseas.

Greedy Rates Staff Hi, please note that the above answer is incorrect.

Does below mean that if I don’t use the card for a year, even if I have $0 balance, I’ll be charged for keeping the card?? Many cards add this provision into the fine print, so it’s not all that uncommon.

Account Maintenance: for an inactive Credit Card Account with a credit balance that has not changed for 360 consecutive days, a fee of the lesser of $10.00 or the full credit balance will be charged on that date. For Home Trust, the maximum of $10 you’ll pay is worth the money the card can save when you take it abroad, but it’s easily countered simply by using it once to buy a pack of gum or something similarly insignificant.

You will only pay a fee if you’ve overpaid your acct.