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That, and the NSA server (FOXACID) has been described in previously published documents from the Snowden archive.

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Further documents from the Snowden archive show the range of the NSA’s ambitions in accessing and utilising medical data.

Source document: DIA – Swimming Upstream in the SIGINT System Interagency SARS Conference– May 20th Special Source Operations Weekly – 18 April 2013 A New Approach to Uncovering WMD Programs FY 2013 Congressional Budget Justifiation Related article: How the U. Spies on Medical Nonprofits and Health Defenses Worldwide, by Jenna Mc Laughlin, 10 August 2016 in the Amidst the controversy about the hacking of Democratic Party networks, which US authorities have linked to the Russian government, previously published documents in the Snowden archive illustrate the extent to which the US’ own signal intelligence agency has breached electronic systems in other countries where elections are ongoing, with targets including successive Mexican Presidents.

Revealed documents: NSA Provides Un-‘conventional’ Support Related article: NSA kept watch over Democratic and Republican conventions, Snowden documents reveal, by Ryan Gallagher, 24 April 2017 in the An NSA-US Navy report in the Snowden archive shed light on the extent of US defence information compromised when a US spy plane collided with a Chinese fighter jet in 2001.

The 117-page report, prepared three months after the incident largely vindicates the plane’s crew for their attempts to destroy the signals intelligence and cryptographic material on board before its emergency landing and criticises the lack of institutional preparation for such an incident.

These errors allowed CSEC to attribute MAKERS MARK attacks to Russia.