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Before you enter into an ERP, ask yourself this question: Am I doing this because I’m horny and want to have “pretend sex,” or is this part of my character’s development, their nature, or is it part of their world?

I’ll come out and say it: You’re not a deep, serious, dedicated, hard core, etc.

I typically clarify that I’m a male RPer if I happen to be playing a female character. If you get to the point in a character relationship where ERP is around the corner, chances are you’ll be able to address gender issues openly, and if your partner has a problem with it, they’re usually pretty up-front about it and may suggest a “fade out” technique, or politely end the character relationship.

You may get the brush off from someone whose intentions are more outside-the-game, but I’ve never been called out for it. In mature scenarios, a character relationship may get to the point where there is a tender touch, a longing look in the eyes, or even a gentle kiss.

A little extra spice does a world of good for any relationship, whether long-standing or fresh out of the gate.