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But, if a married woman has an affair with another man, whether married or not married, her children by that man are not only illegitimate but they are considered bastards and are forbidden to marry any other Jews except converts and other bastards.

This ban is handed down to the children's descendants for ten generations until the taint of adultery is presumably weakened.2 The Qur’an, on the other hand, never considers any woman to be the possession of any man.

I don’t know if Liz told them what happened during the interview but our industry in this area is small and I know for sure she has now told her new job everything that happened.

After what happened, Jack told me he decided to take a break from therapy and look at his options.

The old man complied with her wishes even though he did not like this idea. This is allowed because it does not come under “self-stimulation”; it is stimulation by a lawful partner.