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When we feel unappreciated, unaccepted and unloved by someone we hold dear, it's easy to fall into apathy or despair.

We will eventually feel that nothing we did really make a difference, thus losing the ability to love.

While it takes the film quite some time to reach these points, it does closely examine these questions and daringly gives an open ending that leaves its audience with much food for thought.

Although Break Up 100 doesn't have a great script to back its thoughtful premise, it does handles itself quite well by making it not too weepy or melodramatic.

Sure, you can help them change their habits and behaviours, but not the core personality that defines the person..if such changes would be in that person's best interest.

In long term, they will start to lose their own personal identity and it will push them to the point where they don't love themselves anymore.

As the film progresses, it poses some serious questions about relationships: Does true happiness in a relationship come from compromise and obedience or mutual understanding and acceptance?