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Here are some examples of how I’ve used Photo Feeler recently. I thought I’d get a more positive response on the swimsuit selfie, but it turns out guys thought that photo was too revealing.

Now you need to create the perfect online dating profile. If your description doesn’t start to tell me who you are, I’m unlikely to swipe right. It’s also nice to let someone know what you’re looking for so they can figure out if you are both on the dating apps for the same reasons.

While each app and dating site has different profile requirements, the same basic rules apply, no matter where you’re looking for love.

Try an ad that consists entirely of your favorite movie dialogue or a list of beloved fictional characters.

My ad requested a man "financially stable, kinda handsome, who can slow dance, make me laugh, read between the lines." Cast a wide net and edit out the responses.

The photos in my online dating profile may not all be perfect, and I look like a total goof in half of them, but they give you a feel for who I am, which is the most important thing. Maybe you’ll meet someone who doesn’t care that your married, 6’7″, and you have three kids. But that’s not the kind of information you should keep hidden.