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I find all this stuff a very controlling and effective way of making women obsess over their weight,’ she told a newspaper. ‘I think it’s great that curves are celebrated because it’s a new concept,’ she says.

‘There was a time not so long ago when model agencies didn’t have curve divisions.

I was getting a bit bored of the nine to five,’ she admits. ’ Shortly afterwards, she was snapped up to be the lead girl in an international commercial for Nokia. When someone says you’re not right because you’re too big, it leaves you feeling a bit deflated. And it gave me an insight into the other side of modelling.’ So she abandoned her modelling career and went back to work full-time in the City.

‘But then I thought, “I can’t be the only model in the world who’s been told that they’re too big.” So I Googled “curvy models” and up came loads of info on plus-size modelling, with photos of people such as Candice Huffine and other beautiful women. Maybe it’s time to go back.”’ Since joining Storm three years ago, she has fronted numerous high- profile campaigns and has become something of a plus-size figurehead.

‘As a nation we’re becoming a bit bigger so plus size is fulfilling a need. The whole industry has become multi-platform – you need someone who can engage across many levels, who has got something to say and is interesting.’ And any plus-size model has a story to tell.