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Because I know that you can open up that door, and then you can close it again.

I have far more accessto my inner life, so to speak.’ In 2008 she divorced her husband of 17 years, François Olivennes, a prominent French fertility doctor whom she met when they were both students in Paris.

'It’s about just going for it, being as horrible as your brain will allow. And, in the end, it was quite thrilling to be let loose in that way.’ The film is the Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn’s first since the 2011 thriller Drive (also starring Ryan Gosling) and is at once violent, disturbing, oddly beautiful and compelling – more Blue Velvet than John Woo.

Scott Thomas describes it as 'like being stuck in some sticky nightmare’.

But an actress has to see that magnified many times on a huge screen.

'And when you’re my age, you’re invariably in a supporting role, so there’s often a young woman in her twenties or early thirties who is the lead, and you’re constantly put next to them.

Having a family of her own helped her confidence enormously. ’ When the children were young she went into psychoanalysis for a while.

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