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Our friend Dave told us about it late that morning, as he scuffed his muddy shoes on the mat inside our front door, waiting to pick up his daughter from a sleepover at our house. Almost twenty-six inches of precipitation had fallen since the beginning of the rainy season, in October—40 percent above normal—and the ground had been slipping all around the Puget Sound area for weeks.

Dave said that the slide had demolished a house in Rolling Bay, a picturesque old neighborhood on the east side of the island, with sweeping views across the sound to the dark glitter of Seattle and the serrated backdrop of the Cascade Mountains.

As in most small communities, news travels rapidly by word of mouth.

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The sky was a flat, dead gray—the same color as the water, and the beach, and the mud surrounding what was left of the Herren house.

A portion of the top floor lay on its side, the windows framed in raw plywood and the roof lapped by the incoming tide.

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