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After a series of tragic circumstances, Adler becomes a surrogate father to his niece, Mary, a first-grader with the IQ of Einstein.

He recognizes that Mary is a little genius, and he does his best to prevent anyone else from noticing. "With Steve Rogers," Evans says, "even though you're on a giant movie with a huge budget and strange costumes, you're still on a hunt for the truth of the character." That said, "with Adler, it's nice to play someone relatable.

Around 2006, Evans met with Affleck to talk about which Affleck was directing.

Evans was walking down a hallway, looking for the room where they were supposed to meet.

The last Canuck to exit into the nothingness is a freakishly tall stud with a crew cut and a handlebar mustache; just before he leaps, he flashes a smile our way.