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The room goes silent, awaiting Hunter’s verdict.\n"Fine," is all she offers. She says it in a way that makes me envision gang members hatching a drive-by.

What she means, though, is that tonight is going to be big.

They wandered through the desert, getting kicked out of bar after bar, until they found Seymour Satin (real name: Seymour Satin), the owner of Sardo’s, who claims that, at the time, he had seen only four dirty movies in his life, one of them by mistake. Pretty soon, Porn Star Karaoke—or PSK, as the regulars call it—became a thing.

"I thought I was renting ."\n Satin, 57, who looks like a rougher-edged Bob Balaban, figured the bar could use the business, so he let the gang in after setting a few ground rules: No standing on tables. A thing.\n Early on, Ron Jeremy began attending just about every week.

She turns sober, places her left hand on her diaphragm, and begins to sing.\n\n Hunter has a lovely voice.