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The great distances between them has long led scholars to believe inbreeding was inevitable.But research published last week, in the journal points to the possibility that our ancient ancestors may have not only understood the dangers of inbreeding, they may have implemented complex systems of mating exchanges—between larger networks of tribes in order to avoid it.The first feasts We had a similar experience during our research.

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However, proving this with material evidence is a challenge.

For example, researchers have found that both Neanderthals and early modern humans buried their dead, but scholars weren’t certain whether this was for spiritual or symbolic reasons and not for something more mundane like maintaining site hygiene.

Rituals involve meaningful, often repeated actions. In modern-day practices they are expressed through rites such as the hooding of a doctoral student, birthdays, weddings or even sipping wine at Holy Communion or lighting Hanukkah candles.

Ritual practice may have emerged along with other early modern human behaviors more than 100,000 years ago.

One of these structures contained the complete skeleton of an older woman, who we interpreted as a shaman based on her special treatment at death.