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Thus it has been surmised that Thori'dal is the name of the legendary bow.

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Like i know about Atiesh , but it's from a quest... Since the bow makes its own ammunition I don't believe it would use your equipped arrows. My first question was why, with the massive amount of Gamers playing hunters, hasn't a legendary bow dropped sooner. The other legendaries make sense, each one has lore behind it, a story explaining what makes it so special, and for a long time there were no real opportunities to Introduce a legendary bow.

It makes sense that The Blood elves would have such a bow as while many races have hunters, the blood elves are famous for having Ranger Lords.

As of 21th of May it has 2.7 speed with 355-524 which bumps its dps from 148.8 to 162.8 , Hunters everywhere Rejoice !

/tip hat to the lucky hunters , well deserved for killing Kil'jaeden.

What I don't understand about this bow is that Warriors and Rogues will also be able to use it, which is ridiculous, you don't want a Hunter using the warglaives either now do you?