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code for updating database in servlet through user-56

The following subsections describe the basic steps involved and supply an example of this functionality: Part of the power of servlets comes from their ability to retrieve data from a database to create dynamic output.

A servlet can generate dynamic HTML by getting information from a database and sending it back to the client, or can update a database, based on information passed to the servlet in the HTTP request.

Gilbile */public class retrive Image extends Http Servlet The following is the output for it.

Creation of dsn(database source name) Start-Control panel- Administrative Tools- Data Sources (ODBC)-go to system dsn tab-click add button-select a driver for which you want to set up data source (for Oracle- Oracle in XE)-select it and click finish-give any name in data source name textbox-then click ok button.

Stateless beans contain individual business logic methods that are independent of application state.