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Soon the small factory was fully optimized and able to produce items in continuous quality so the Duke then rented the factory to who also rented the factory in Volkstedt from 1767 until 1797.

For the Ilmenau factory, the period from 1792 until 1808 can only be described as the most successful period as they produced items similar to managed to continue until he was finally forced to sell the business in 1836.

At present the earliest carbon-dated Chinese pottery is the Xianrendong Cave Pottery, discovered in Jiangxi Province, which dates to 18,000 BCE.

After this comes the Yuchanyan Cave Pottery from Hunan Province (16,000 BCE), followed by Vela Spila Pottery from Croatia (15,500 BCE) and Amur River Basin Pottery (14,300 BCE).

Impure clays can be used to make cruder forms of pottery, while kaolin or china clay is needed for finer grades.

Plastic and malleable when wet, it hardens when dried or fired in an oven (kiln).

Known as an important plastic art, "Ceramics" (derived from Keramos, Greek for 'potter's clay') refers to items made from clay bodies and fired in a kiln to obtain the finished form.