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who managed to solve some of the financial problems but reported that the factory was doomed if they were not able to find an expert in porcelain production.So the Duke employed a porcelain expert with the name of from the town of Höchst in 1784 and after just one firing the new director was able to present much better results after having changed the clay and improving the glaze.

Over the next years the factory often changed proprietors and never really was able to regain its former status; in fact it was short before bankruptcy in 1870 until advisor of the chamber of commerce who in 1910 introduced the complete electrification of the factory after installing an own power station.

The year 1912 then saw the factory close for six weeks as the workers demanded a pay increase.

Various discussions followed and after a few members of the board resigned it was decided to continue under a new name and leadership.

It should be noted that the name (Duke of Henneberg) was chosen for historic reasons: the town of Ilmenau had formerly been part of the ducy Henneberg and the previous company had already started to use the hen as part of their mark.

Soon the small factory was fully optimized and able to produce items in continuous quality so the Duke then rented the factory to who also rented the factory in Volkstedt from 1767 until 1797.