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They have never been seen anywhere else in the school.The men’s locker rooms are haunted by a boy believed to have played basketball for the school, but was killed in a car crash in the late 1980's. stocks are up sharply in early trading, recouping some of the ground lost a day earlier when indexes plummeted, deepening a week-long sell-off that knocked the market officially into a "correction" for the first time in two years.

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The Hower House, currently owned by the University of Akron, has a well-known female ghost purported to be one of the Howers.

She apparently is angry due to husband's infidelity and likes to scare male workers and guests.

The new art rooms, tutoring center and admissions office and the school was built in the remodeled building were the old Brothers dormitories had been (The school is run by the Brothers Of Holy Cross) and it has been reported that on the feast of St.

Joseph (the Brothers patron saint) a line of men in dark priest robe can be seen walking through out the wing of the school looking for their old rooms.

The result is that all artwork in the system is in a consistent, high-quality, digital format.