Dating a comedian big and beautiful woman for dating

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The study could help explain why more New York women are flocking to comedy clubs instead of bars to meet bachelors.

“I’ve definitely seen women out and about going to [comedy clubs] and even taking improv classes to find single men,” says Devyn Simone, a matchmaker at Three Day Rule, who’s seen this trend grow over the past two years.

“I don’t think they make the best boyfriends long-term,” Busa says. But I also think they’re kinda secluded people and need their time to be by themselves …

That can be frustrating.” And, since humor can come from a very dark place, there’s usually a huge difference between the routine and the person behind it.

Though Harrison Greenbaum graduated at the top of his Harvard class in 2008, the preppy bachelor didn’t score when it came to dates.