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I think that it came out within the last few years but I don't know for sure. hey everyone need help looking for a movie can't remeber the name off it urm its like a high school / college movie thing urm winthin the last 10 years l think some guy has to do like 10 -12 quest things in like 1 night ones like he has to steal a car thats worth more then 100k or something if anyone knows plz help thanks alot i vaguely remeber a scene form a film set in ancient times, where an army give a sword to an asian or japanese man & make him fight.

He holds the sword like with the blade pointing downwards behind him & they all laugh & make him hold it upright & he fails.

The daughter tries to figure out what is going on and it is not just with her dad but other people are turning opposite too.

The dad ends up telling her that he is not really her dad but from another planet or parallel universe or something and they are slowly coming over to this planet.

It is not this movie, but it does remind me of the Perfect Stranger (2007) with Halle Berry, Bruce Willis and Giovanni Ribisi (he instantly popped into my mind when you mentioned the photographer-stalker-friend that you think is the killer).