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At one point the secret agent walks into a room with a lady and discovers a rare plant.

The bad guy has a cane which is actually a sword thats he fights the secret agent with.

I recall some 25-30 years ago seeing a movie wherein D&D-type characters wander around in a dungeon made of LEGOs (I assume they were bluescreened onto them), but that the characters were somehow actually from the modern world, and that at the end one of the characters (the main character? it seems like I saw it at a drive-in theatre, if that helps.. A woman and a Japanese man named "hero" I think is in a lake and the girl says last one in the lake is a rotten egg or something.

) is reunited with his parents, but he pulls out a crystal and it melts them, or something similar, but not in a mean way, he just.. The girl jumps in first and the Japanese man goes on top of this wood and jumps and the girl screams "NO".

I think that it came out within the last few years but I don't know for sure. hey everyone need help looking for a movie can't remeber the name off it urm its like a high school / college movie thing urm winthin the last 10 years l think some guy has to do like 10 -12 quest things in like 1 night ones like he has to steal a car thats worth more then 100k or something if anyone knows plz help thanks alot i vaguely remeber a scene form a film set in ancient times, where an army give a sword to an asian or japanese man & make him fight.

He holds the sword like with the blade pointing downwards behind him & they all laugh & make him hold it upright & he fails.

It wont help you find that film if your post gets hidden.