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This will also help to identify which management/leadership style is the most beneficial for the corporate culture and achievement of the organisational objectives.Anne Wintour is the long time Editor in Chief of Vogue, USA.

In a documentary about Vogue’s September 2007 issue called , I realized how this Queen Bee wasn’t always the unapproachable woman she is today.

Old photos from the ’90s showed me just how much she liked to have fun with her clothes; and believe it or not, I got a party-girl/late-night vibe from her former fashion styles.

Based on this argument, deductive reasoning would dictate that customer satisfaction would be low at Forbes due to lack of employee satisfaction.

However, as discussed in this essay, Vogue’s financial performance and global prominence are impressive.

This implies that in the majority of cases, Anne Wintour’s attitude towards employees may be considered intimidating and hostile.