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Continue reading this entry » — Stuart Ross Jazz and comedy are old friends. Audiences waited for the comedians to be done so the band would get on stage.

Fred Armisen has made some of his best jokes sitting at a piano. At Constellation Thursday night, May 21, those roles were reversed.

The aforementioned topic hangs thick in the air because this weekend will see our fair city play host to some of the best stand-up comedy talent in the country at the second annual Comedy Exposition—recently named Best New Comedy Festival on the 2015 Reader Best Of Chicago list—which kicks off this Friday, July 10.

The festivities run through Sunday night when the festival ends with a closing ceremony performance at the UP Comedy Club by the fantastic Todd Glass.

The packed house waited for the band to finish so Amy Schumer would come out.

The bandleader, Jason Stein, acknowledged our patience after the second song, telling us he appreciated us listening.

It's not clear whether playing "zombie-pretend" will help you get things you wouldn't normally have access to.