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But be forewarned, there will be a few men in thongs throughout the production, so don't take your out-of-town relatives who want to see what you are up to in the big city.That said, there were a few grandmas in the crowd who were really enjoying themselves, so if they are really fun and open-minded relatives who don't mind frequent references to genitalia in your presence, by all means bring them along. In the '50s, when jazz still served as popular music, comedians got their first shots opening up for bands.About Amy Schumer, his half-sister, Jason joked, "We share only a dad, folks. She started from a high place and kept it up for well over an hour.

In between the fest will feature some 75 comedians, with roughly half of that talent pool drawn exclusively from the local stand-up scene.

Continue reading this entry » — and be sure to sit in the first two rows.

Continue reading this entry » — Left to Right: Rusell Mernaugh as Mischa Bachiniski, Tiffany Tatreau as Ocean O'Connell Rosenberg, Lillian Castro as Constance Blackwood, Emily Rohm as Jane Doe and Jackson Evans as Ricky Potts. Continue reading this entry » — television series has been infected with the disease. Beginning October 10, this unique show at Gorilla Tango Theatre Bucktown will start the Halloween season off with Zombie Central.

is a display of a truly hilarious zombie parody that helps the audience determine if anti-zombie vaccines exist, learn tricks for noticing zombie morphing and, yada, yada, yada.

This was done, however, not as a show of supposed self-superiority but more to put himself in a position where he could possibly be convinced by their counter-arguments.