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ld or older (generally 36,000 years is attributed to its age).

“All the claims have been blown incredibly out of proportion,” countered Marc Zender, a Mesoamerican archeologist at Harvard who has studied crystal skulls.

Beneficial as it is for her purse and eventually for the fate of mankind, the story meets all requirements of what is called an “urban legend”.

Dating tibetans

“These skulls have been produced quite easily since the 1880s.

They’ve all been found to be carved with tools by a whole series of German workshops.” Skull supporters say that – in the absence of carbon dating or other methods to trace the skulls age – no one can be sure of Max’s precise origin.

Therefore, it is clear that the use of a red hat does not automatically denote a follower of black tantrism.

The term “red hat” in Tibetan is “Shamar.” Shamar-pa or “Red Hat Lama” is a tulku or reincarnated Lama of the Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism who does indeed wear a red hat as a symbol of his position.

Jo Ann did not know what to do with the crystal skull, so she placed it in a box in her closet for many years. He had acquired Sha-Na-Ra, another ancient crystal skull.