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You can choose to text only movie lines from all Leonardo Di Caprio movies, for example, or maybe even use lines only from musicals. A classic from your childhood days, this is one game that you can easily transition into the mobile age.

You will pick three people, whether celebrities or other friends, and your friend will have to choose which of these people they would kiss, marry, or kill.

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Wanting to catch up with each other, but your friends are miles away? Because of the power of texting, you can connect with your friends even if you’re not even in the same room—and you can have just as much fun, if not more!

And if you’re missing those good old times of goofing around with them, you can still do that all through texting.

This game is also ideal if one of you is travelling to another place, making your connection go beyond the constraints of geography. A simple game that is a fun and naughty way to pass the time is “Would You Rather?

” You can have one or more friends in on this game.

Play it to pump yourself up while you're getting ready.