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The classic (slightly boring): ‘Would you like to dance? If the date goes well or if you get lucky in a club remember to always use a condom, free condoms courtesy of Kondoma mera can be found on the ground floor in Uppsala Studentkår (the student union).

They have many different kinds even ones that glow in the dark!

From the information gathered, Swedes would go out with someone they know through friends and it is unlikely they would agree to meeting up with a random person who comes/walks up to them in a cafe or bar. When you manage to fix a date you need to carefully choose the venue.

Now the invention of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble have changed things as the potentially awkward ‘is that person interested? Now this can be tricky because some Swedes I spoke to, who come from Stockholm, believe the first date should be in a bar or pub as drinking alcohol is a must, since it eases conversations and prepares for the later part of the evening, if the date goes well.

Most of the world calls this day ‘Valentine’s Day’ as it marks the anniversary of the day saint Valentine was killed for arranging and performing marriages in secret for Christians against the wishes of Emperor Claudius who had banned marriages.

In predominantly atheist Sweden they call it ‘All Hearts Day’ and it is not seen as a big thing.

Fee: 40kr (free till and for members of Norrlands nation).