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It makes me think of the kind of person who doodles a lot and has a decent collection of vintage pencils.Anyway I find it an enchanting scent, with quite a different personality than the edt version. I used to like the edt version, but after I tried the parfum version, the edt smelled like preserved fruit to me.Scent: 10/10 Longevity: 6 hours Sillage: arm’s length I’m not a professional reviewer nor do i have an “experienced” nose; but i have a lot of fragrances and this is one that last a long time. The nature of ISO E is that it fades in and out becoming barely perceptible to YOU, but everyone else around you can still totally smell it. Read the description for Molecule One for a description of how this stuff works. He sleeps with a C-pap machine for sleep apnea so be breathes through a filter and mask all night long.

I think of it as an Eau d`Orange Verte you can actually wear, because it won't disappear by the time you leave the house. For me it works the best on sunset/sundown, late evenings in Fall and Spring with a bit chilly winds, then it truly reveals its aroma and stages, and it is great performer overall.

It reminds me a lot of absolute mix between Dunhill Icon and Bvlgari Aqua Amara. It smells more earthy although It doesnt include vetiver unlike the EDT (which might suits you if you are not a vetiver fan).

Versatility: 8/10 Spring would be its best season, but you could definetly pull this off in summer and fall!

a bit mature though, like 20-35 Compliments: Cant say yet Overall: 9.5/10 i love it very much and recommend it very much!

Sophisticated and sublime Woody Vetiver with Orangy Neroli. Tested this for the second or third time at Mc Carran International Airport in Las Vegas. Better in cooler weather and more formal situations. Longevity, sillage and projection are all pretty good. A pretty popular scent but I've tried it a few times and can't say I like it. It shares the DNA with the EDT version but it is defferent enough in my opinion. The EDT projects way better and has better longevity on clothes.