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Nearby is a Frid Stool or peace stool, a primitive seat of Anglo-Saxon origin which is similar to one found at Hexham Abbey.The stool offered sanctuary to criminals similar to the sanctuary offered at Durham Cathedral.The village was historically the property of the Archbishops of York.

The first church, with an attached monastery was built at Beverley in the 7th century by St John of Beverley who had trained under St Hilda at Whitby.

In 687 AD he became the Bishop of Hexham and later the Bishop of York John later returned to Beverley, where he retired and was buried in his church.

Beverley was incorporated as a borough in 1573 during the reign of Elizabeth I and was a place of great importance and wealth.

As well as the minster there are a number of other historic features in Beverley worthy of note.

Beverley, six miles to the north of Hull was once the capital of the East Riding of Yorkshire and is the home to Beverley Minster, regarded as one of the most beautiful churches in England.