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Amy Lawrence, a lawyer representing some of the suspended cheerleaders, issued her own statement casting her clients as victims of double-standard misogyny: Would this ever happen to a Male Sports Team?

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Friday.“(I’m) serious I have a 12 gauge shotgun and a 9 mm pistol I will bring and start killing everyone,” one message said.

“I also have hunting knives I can bring.”Local media reports did not indicate whether the teen actually had any weapons or how he might have gained access to them, and no adults have been charged at this point.

Yet, most of those men are still playing the sport and not one team was suspended in retribution for the actual crimes of their teammates.

But even if the cheerleaders actually were prostitutes, isn't the correct response for feminists supposed to be that it's unfair to stigmatize commercial sex, period?

A few weeks ago the college suspended its entire cheerleading squad pending a "criminal investigation" after a person describing himself or herself as a "concerned parent" sent an anonymous March 7 letter to Coastal Carolina president David A.