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I worked at a competing Web magazine at the time, and my bosses didn’t really care how I worked, as long as I got stuff done.At first, like many people, I began working from home because I was lazy.

He showed up shortly after Yahoo bought Geocities for $4.6 billion, then followed up with buying for $5.7 billion, essentially squandering $10 billion and setting the stage for much folly.

The company did joint ventures, one resulting in a syndicated TV show.

Working at home gives me the freedom to adjust these variables to maximum effect: Sometimes I find that I write better if I start a column after dinner, while other times I hit a wall during the middle of the day, take an hour off to get a snack and jump in the shower, and then come back to produce a magnificent column about pajamas. Any organization whose success depends on maximizing its workers’ productivity ought to allow their employees some degree of flexibility.

that Marissa Mayer, the beleaguered Web company’s new CEO, will force Yahoo’s few hundred remote workers to relocate to its offices.

One irony is that I know a lot of very smart experienced folks who work at Yahoo.