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He is also an honorary assistant minister at St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral in Sydney. Overall the explanation is good, but I want to zero in on a massive blind spot for conservative Christians; feminist envy and rebellion.

He approaches the topic of the transgender revolution as a biblical theologian, as a historian of the movement, and as a pastor whose own family has been touched by gender dysphoria. Specifically, feminists have worked tirelessly to remove the stigma from women dressing like men.

The Bible doesn’t give us a strict dress code for men and women, although Pastor Wilson explains that a literal translation of the verse would prohibit women from wearing combat gear.

, and should be read as the “gear of a warrior.” Whether we are talking about a man in fishnet stockings, or a woman decked out in full battle regalia, we need to recognize that God finds it loathsome. The problem is, for decades we have been taught that there is nothing shameful about a woman dressing like and acting like a man.

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Not only would she have to make herself look like a man in every way, she would have to actually claim to From a practical perspective, it is all but impossible for a woman to cross dress in our culture.