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Trinity Catholic is proud of its legacy in Catholic education dating back to the opening of Mercy High School in 1948 and continuing with St.

Shortly after that, two distraught people ran upstairs and knocked on her door asking to use her phone to call police because they said there was a body in a trash container, the unidentified woman said.

With the support of its parents, staff, alumni, and the school community, Trinity Catholic High School will flourish and become the Cornerstone of Catholic education in North St. Learn More Guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, Trinity Catholic students are called to live their faith in all aspects of their lives and to be transformed into moral, prayerful and responsible men and women Trinity Catholic students are called to give back and make a difference in their community through service to others.

The call to service is another way Trinity Catholic students live out their faith.

In March 1988 the Coalition forced the issue to referendum which, backed by broad community support, resulted in a successful ratification of the Coalition's position.