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According to the Bible, God's will for human behavior was first revealed to Moses at Mount Sinai. It basically teaches that the Ancient Israelite and Christian prophets were truly inspired by the ONE GOD of Abraham, but that over time religious authorities strayed from the faith into the worship of idols and materialism, becoming so corrupt that it made an independent reform movement necessary.

The Mosaic Covenant was based on The Ten Commandments, which govern how humans are to live their lives and were a gift from God so that they might live in accordance to His will. according to the Hadith, faith without works is dead, and these are the five pillars of Islam: 1.) The declaration of faith: Professing that there is none worthy of worship except the GOD of Abraham, and that Mohammad (Pboh) is His Messenger to all the world and his life is to be a model.

Jesus Christ was virgin born, lived a sinless life, offered himself humbly, willingly and knowingly as the sacrifice to end all sacrifices for the sins of the world and he rose from the dead and will come again, this time in glory to judge mankind at the great harvest of souls and his just kingship will bestow an unprecedented era of prosperity and Peace on Earth.

Jesus not only came to save mankind but to reveal the true nature of God and that his appearance on Earth is the central event of human history!

Karma is a very important belief and deals with our free will. This is achieved by overcoming delusion and desire and entering the enlightened state.

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    Many scientists have long suspected that fine particles, particularly black carbon, which is emitted from diesel exhausts, travel from the lungs into the bloodstream.

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    That means: To learn more about how a provider can become an affiliate of the National Sexual Assault Hotline, visit the Sexual Assault Service Provider information page or email [email protected]