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Kelleher is purported to be the number-one executive matchmaking service in the country.

Kelleher represents that it interviews and screens compatible individuals.

5: The lawsuit filed against Kelleher & Associates has been dismissed with prejudice by the Superior Court of California, according to court documents.

From a lawsuit filed in a Pennsylvania district court last August by Darlene Daggett against Kelleher International, an elite matchmaking company based in California.

Daggett hired Kelleher for dating services for a fee of $150,000 in May 2014.

Another alleged match, a man who re-entered the workforce after retiring to make ends meet, was “not even a semblance of the successful entrepreneur who could travel the world" that Cooke, an executive at two healthcare firms, was seeking in her profile, according to the complaint.

A Google search by Cooke revealed that one match had a history of mail fraud convictions going back to the 1970s.

During her three-year tenure with Kelleher, Daggett was introduced to twenty-five men. Daggett was introduced to an Australian entrepreneur.