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On December 27, 2015, Daggett received a tender morning message from this man, as was custom between them. In February 2015, Daggett was matched with a widower from Virginia.

That afternoon, this man called off the relationship via email. During lunch, he told Daggett he was having flashbacks.

Kelleher is purported to be the number-one executive matchmaking service in the country.

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The man had mentioned doing work for Interpol in previous conversations, so Daggett thought this was a legitimate, albeit strange, occurrence.

Eleven days later, Daggett received an email from the man saying he’d be gone until the end of the year with no phone contact, text, or email.

Thirteen months later, Daggett received a telephone call from this gentleman’s previous girlfriend.

She informed Daggett that he had her fly in the same day that Daggett left Panama.

“I literally have grammy award-winning singers, I have producers that won academy awards, I have actresses that are known and working,” said the younger Kelleher of her clients in a 2010 interview.

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