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They were in the fourth grade, and the friend can’t remember whether Eric was supposed to be a Democrat or a Republican. In high school, Greitens attended the Missouri Boys State government leadership program.

Jeff Smith, who competed against Greitens in soccer (and went on to become a Democratic state senator), was there, too.

Culbertson gently points out that that may not be possible. He and a college buddy have long had an idea for a service organization for college students, the Center for Citizen Leadership. And so, with his combat pay and two friends’ disability checks, he starts a nonprofit (later renamed The Mission Continues) that helps vets with crushing disabilities rediscover their strength by serving others.

The concept is so powerful, people line up to lend their support.

The Résumé A navy blue “Eric Greitens for Governor” banner stretches across the curved white balcony of Beth Berra’s house in Town & Country.